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Wizard-driven backup and restore utility to make safe copies of all your data
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FileFort Backup is a wizard-driven tool that performs hassle-free backup and restore tasks of all your most important data. Its high level of customization, combined with its job scheduler and its encryption capabilities, make this tool a very efficient backup tool for all types of documents and media files; and it is suitable for all types of users.

Every new backup job automatically opens the program’s wizard, which will also open every time to launch FileFort. The first step is to choose the folders you wish to back up among the Windows’ libraries (My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, etc.), your e-mail messages, and any other folder and file stored on your system. You can exclude specific file extensions or media files, and even those files that exceed a certain size. Next is the destination of your backup file – it can be a cloud-based location (such as Dropbox, Google Docs, or Amazon S3), an FTP server, or any drive and storage device connected to your PC. The third step refers to the type of backup job you want the program to perform – it can be a full backup that will rewrite any previous backup file, a historical backup that will keep all backup files created for that job, and an incremental one that will only back up new and modified files to an existing backup file. Here you can also decide if you prefer to store your backup as an EXE, BKZ, or ZIP file, or if you prefer to create an exact copy of the original files and folders just as they are stored on your system. Either way, you can opt to add an extra security level to your backups by telling the program to apply password-protected MEO encryption to them. The final step is optional, and it will allow you to define a schedule for your backup job.

FileFort Backup will remember all your previous backup jobs, and will let you restore any of them with just one click. This “backup manager” will also allow you to delete or re-schedule an existing backup file easily. Be prepared to download extra files when performing your first backup job – you will need an Internet connection active for the program to grab and install those other files, necessary to back up all your important data. Other than that, FileFort works smoothly and produces the expected results, which is what anyone would expect from a serious backup tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-based interface
  • Full, historical, and incremental backups available
  • Performs both local and remote backup and restore tasks
  • Includes a backup scheduler


  • Requires an Internet connection to download certain components
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